Latest For Music Lovers: Kanoa Headphones, Volant Headphones and More

Onkyo ES-HF300 On-Ear Headphones

Music lovers can now enjoy their favorite music on the go in a whole new way. These new headphones like the Kanoa Headphones, PUMP Zeus and more will not only bring in high-quality audio but look good at the same time.

Volant – The World’s First 3-in-1 Headphones

Volant’s headphones combine three audio devices into one, allowing the versatility of earphones, the comfort and sound quality of headphones and the freedom of Bluetooth; giving you a solution for every listening occasion. We now listen to headphones for 4 hours every day and own 3-4 pairs of headphones and earphones for different listening scenarios. This device is designed to completely simplify your audio; one product for endless uses. Think earphones to commute, headphones to work, earphones to exercise and so on.

PUMP Zeus – The Worlds’ Best Sounding Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

PUMP Audio was inspired by a shared love of Dance Music. Most of the world’s leading headphone manufacturers make headphones with a “flat frequency response”, meaning that they reproduce slavishly the sound that’s fed into them, giving every frequency exactly the same priority. That can be great for certain genres of music, such as Classical and even Rock. But for other genres such as Dance Music, the music sounds much better when listened to with a ‘richer’ or ‘warmer’ sound signature. Headphones that have a flat frequency response can sound just that: flat. The PUMP Zeus is specifically tuned to have the “club sound” sound signature that Dance Music lovers love.

Onkyo ES-HF300 On-Ear Headphones

Experience your music as it should sound with the Onkyo ES-HF300 On-Ear Headphones. Packed with impressive technology, these headphones deliver superior audio without missing a single beat. Each earpiece is outfitted with a 40-millimeter wide-range titanium driver for ultra crisp and clear sound while the sub-chamber produces a deep and well-defined bass. The ES-HF300 On-Ear Headphones feature a robust and tough aluminum driver housing and hanger arms to withstand your everyday. The cable has a high purity copper core and the elastomer sheath helps to prevent any tangling or excess noise. Both of the ear cups conveniently fold flat while the detachable connectors and durable construction make the ES-HF300 Headphones superbly portable and ideal for commuting and traveling.

Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones by Grain Audio

Use nature as your resource for incredible sound with the Solid Wood Over Ear Kanoa Headphones by Grain Audio. Equipped with dual 40 mm proprietary loudspeakers, these over ear headphones are absolutely stunning in design. Luxurious down to the last detail, both earcups on the Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones are made with solid wood and are finished with oil applied by hand. The headphones come with a ¼” to 1/8” adapter to work seamlessly with all of your devices and technology. The sleek gray cable also has a built in microphone and as single button remote. The combination of the subtle gray structure and band and the beautiful grain of the wood makes the Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones as timelessly stylish as they are functional.

Melomind Relaxation Headset

Take a deep breath and relax with the Melomind Relaxation Headset. Using electroencephalographic technology, this headset is able to train your brain to relax so you can better cope with stress and reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Melomind works by providing you with an audio soundscape which responds to your brainwaves. As you relax, the music will modulate in sync with your brainwaves in real time. Melomind uses the music to relax your brain’s neuroplasticity which gives it time to recover and strengthen. The Melomind Headset is wonderfully comfortable with detachable electrodes and over ear memory foam ear cups. The soft fabric and foam throughout the headband will make you look forward to your relaxation time each day. With Melomind, it’s never been more simple to relax.



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