Modern Home Furniture: Futon Chair, Nest Hanging Chair and More

Condesa Lounge Chair by OK Design

Your stay at home will be more luxurious if you have some of these furniture. By furniture, we are specific about lounge chairs. Take a look and enjoy the Futon Chair and more at once.

Condesa Lounge Chair by OK Design

Take a load off in the comfortable Condesa Lounge Chair by OK Design. Named after a Mexico City neighborhood, this chair is cute yet durable to be used both indoors and outside. Inspired by its namesake, a place where movie stars and poets would spend their days, the Condesa Lounge Chair promotes the ultimate relaxation in any neighborhood. The frame is made with solid steel and is finished with a black matte powder coating. Woven around the big circular frame is soft ye durable recycled PVC cord. The Condesa Lounge Chair features a unique shape thanks to the weaving pattern, creating a conical chair that not only cradles you but welcomes you to sit down. The Condesa is available in Black, Light Grey, Pigeon Blue, Dusty Pink, and Sea Green.

Manu Nest Compact Hanging Chair by Maffam

Spend those quiet afternoons with your favorite book on this stylishly designed Manu Nest Compact Hanging Chair by Maffam. It’s not just a chic hanging chair but also a comfortable one. You can call it more of a cocoon that simply engulfs you into a zone of pleasant comfort every time. The size is compact and perfect for your home or patio. Every piece has been handmade from volcanic basalt and has a unique touch of its own. It will not only work as a comfortable chair but also compliment the beauty of your indoors at the same time. If you’re in the process of accessorizing your home or office, this could be an ideal installation you can make good use of anyday.

U.F.O. Rocking Chair by IT ONE OFF

Take your relaxation out of this world with the U.F.O. Rocking Chair by IT ONE OFF. This sturdy capsule is designed to rock and swing naturally on the ground using the innovative one ground point to balance the entire chair. The U.F.O. Rocking Chair, which stands for unidentified furniture object, has a spherical base which allows the rocking chair to remain balanced no matter what; even when someone is sitting inside. Despite its large size, the U.F.O. Rocking Chair still manages to rock freely yet steadily in a rhythmic and relaxing pattern. A single push of your foot will ignite the rocking chair allowing it to swivel and move. The U.F.O. Rocking Chair comes in your choice of a red or navy interior with both coming with a shiny black base. Handmade in Italy using the finest materials, the U.F.O. Rocking Chair is a simple yet sound design.

Fresh Futon Nido Convertible Futon Chair/Bed

After a hard day’s work, you’re entitled to lounge around in your own futon. Heck, you’re entitled to lounge around in a futon even if you haven’t done a thing the whole day. But wait – you’re done lounging, and now you want to snooze, and you have to go find a bed to sleep in? No way! Get the Fresh Futon Nido to ensure you never have to move an inch just when you’re starting to get all comfy. This is a multi-functional and convertible futon chair that spreads out into a semi-circular bed when you feel like taking a nap. It’s best to get more than one, because you can combine two of them and have a full circular bed to sleep on.

737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture

Literally fly by the seat (of your pants) with the 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture. Like other pieces in this collection, this chair is actually a Boeing 737 engine cowling that has been reclaimed and upcycled to be your most luxurious throne. The 737 Cowling chair has a high gloss finished shell featuring the original bolts while the all dark interior has been upholstered in high quality leather. The reclaimed engine sits atop a highly polished base and is able to rotate and spin effortlessly and weightlessly as you sink into the cushioned seat. The 737 Cowling Chair is massive, measuring 200 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters tall, and will instantly become the focal point of any room both in décor and the conversation.


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