Awesome Gadgets You Must Check Once

Equator Activity and Sleep Tracker by Amazfit

Gadgets have become our everyday necessity. From the coffee maker to the shower head, everything is going smart these days. So just to make sure you are in tune with all that’s happening around, here are some of the most awesome gadgets you must try getting for your near and dear ones for sure.

YAB – Never Forget Where You Parked

Locating your car gets far better with YAB. Now all you have to do is park, turn your key, and YAB will get you to where you are going next. This intelligent device is designed to find your parked car from the palm of your hand. You simply need to plug YAB into a USB port or a car charger and pair it with the YAB app for the first time. It’s as easy as it sounds. Park, turn your key, and YAB will sync your location to the app. Not only this, but it will also remind you when your parking meter is about to go off! Parking time made simple for you. Just select a regular reminder or customize the timer amount and you’re good to go. A smart device your car is in need of.

Equator Activity and Sleep Tracker by Amazfit

Stay on top of your overall fitness with the Equator Activity and Sleep Tracker by Amazfit. Designed to be worn on your wrist or as a necklace throughout the day, this small and minimalist tracker is beautifully lightweight and fashionable. Tracking your steps, distance travelled, running, calories burned, and more, the Equator Activity and Sleep Tracker will help you improve your physical performance day after day. At the center of the Equator Activity and Sleep Tracker is a hypoallergenic zirconium oxide ceramic. It’s durable and water-resistant so it can be used for any of your day’s activities. Complete with a 10-day battery life, this incredible tracker stores all of your data in an easy to read app to track your changes over time.

Typhoon H Intelligent 4K Drone by Yuneec

Introducing the Typhoon H Intelligent 4K Drone by Yuneec. Equipped with Intel RealSense technology, this drone is capable of detecting obstacles in its path and even navigating around them. Integrating with the Follow Me feature, the Typhoon H Drone builds a 3D model of the world to navigate so you can focus on the task at hand. Amazingly, the Typhoon H Drone is also able to remember the 3D world that it has created and therefore can continue to avoid obstacles it has already encountered. Attached with a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal, the 4K camera captures 30 frames per second and produces 12.4 megapixel still images with its low distortion lens. With the ability to access the camera settings remotely, you can put the Typhoon H Drone into the sky and rest assured it’ll capture all the action.

Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud

Getting medical opinion sitting back at home was never this easy. By using the Connected Medical Kit by CliniCloud, you’ll be able to bring the doctor home anytime anywhere. This kit is one of the gadgets gifts that comes with a digital stethoscope which is helpful for checking respiratory health. There’s also a non-contact thermometer for analyzing your little one’s temperature even when they are asleep. After recording, you can send the medical information directly to your physician using the app or get an instant consultation with the help of Doctor On Demand. Get the kit in a sleek carry case and download the Android or iOS app and start your journey with medical aid always by your side.


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