Coolest Home Decorating Accessories Ideas You Must Try Once

IdeAL Concrete Ceiling Lamp

Your home is your best place on earth. You spend the relaxing hours of your day there and to think of not decorating it is just not happening. Here are some of the best home decorating accessories ideas you must try having at home sometime in the near future.

IdeAL Concrete Ceiling Lamp

Elevate your home décor with simplistic minimalism with the IdeAL Concrete Ceiling Lamp. Available in light grey, dark grey, or blue grey, this stunning lamp is handmade and hangs delicately from your ceiling to provide focused yet soft light over your desk or table or just to create ambience. The timeless design of the IdeAL Concrete Ceiling Lamp has been modernized by the use of real concrete to create a rustic yet strong feel. The combination of light with such a strong material also produces a remarkable balance for any room to enhance the décor and atmosphere. Inspired by turn-of-the-century lanterns, the IdeAL Concrete Ceiling Lamp comes with a long enough cable to be suspended at a variety of heights.

Madera Wooden Clock by Umbra

Complete the look of your interior with the Madera Wooden Clock by Umbra. Coming in a beautiful black and walnut combination or natural wood and nickel, this clock has an all-wood face and is complete with metal arms for the hour, minute, and second as well as a metal bezel. Inspired by a man’s wrist watch, the Madera Wooden Clock has a weighted aluminum rim to ensure it stays flush against your wall when hung. Each of the metal hands moves with a sweeping, continuous movement mechanism for an elegant display of the exact time. The perfect clock for anywhere from your office to the bedroom, the Madera Wooden Clock adds a touch of class and sophistication to any space.

Luna Moon Floor Lamp by in-es.artdesign

Bring the magic of the sky right into your home with the Luna Moon Floor Lam by in-es.artdesign. A totally spherical shape aside from the base, the Luna Floor Lamp is made with Nebulite, a material specifically designed for the collections of in-es.artdesign. This material is a blend of resin and fiberglass which creates a soft and atmospheric glow for the lamp. With close inspection, the fibrous material mimics the spots, craters, and divots on the moon. Perfect for an empty corner to even as the centerpiece, the Luna Floor Lamp will draw attention from everyone. Made to order in Italy and measuring an incredible 27.6 inches (70 centimeters) in diameter, the Luna Floor Lamp produces an ominous and evocative light that will become an instant conversation starter.

Atmoph Window – Your Room Can Be Anywhere

A digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with 4K-shot videos and sound. Place it anywhere, be anywhere. By simply putting it on your desk or hanging it on the wall, Atmoph Window will work as one of the coolest home decorating accessories ideas that open up a whole new world before you, creating a liberating feel in your room. With videos and sounds of beautiful scenery from around the world, you will feel as if you are actually there. All videos provided for Atmoph Window are exclusively filmed with a 4K professional camera and high-performance microphone. Because we wanted the digital window to be perceived as natural as a real window, we have conducted thorough and continuous testing for the right camera angle, best composition, perfect position of the horizon and so on. With more than 80 footages already filmed by us, more and more videos will also be provided exclusively from our partners of professional photographers and videographers.

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