Coolest Key Finders: Motorola Keylink, iHere and More


For those of you who have a tendency to keep losing track of your keys, the smart key finders are the best product you must go for. In case you’re wondering which brands to choose, here are some of the coolest examples you must consider such as the Motorola Keylink, Lapa and more.


Lapa – the (r)evolution of object finders. Controlled entirely from an app, Lapa 2 uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things. Hang it from your keys or stick it to your bag, and Lapa 2 will keep your things safe during all your adventures. Lapa 2 was designed to survive all obstacles. It’s shock resistant, waterproof and built to last a lifetime. Whether you’re at working at an office, cycling down a mountain or traveling around the world, the usefulness and durability of Lapa 2 make it the best way to keep track of your things. Lapa 2 is the only product that combines a flawless performance, social features, durability and a replaceable battery.

Smart Key Finder

It’s easy to lose your keys everybody does. Find them fast with the push of a button, courtesy of this Smart Key Finder. Attach one of the colored receivers to your key or key chain. Next time you misplace your keys, push the corresponding color button on the wireless transmitter. Your keys will start beeping, letting you know exactly where to find them. Works up to 50′ away. Includes two receivers and one transmitter with batteries.

Motorola Keylink

Never lose your phone or keys again. Latest Motorola Keylink pairs with any Android or iOS smartphone using the Motorola Connect app. Make your phone ring anywhere up to 100 feet away. Or use the app to see where your keys are on a map. Keeps your Motorola or Droid smartphone unlocked when your keys are nearby—no need to enter a password. Keylink can get a little wet. Full year of battery life using a replaceable standard coin cell batter.

iHere Key Finder and Selfie Remote

Do you lose your keys, car or phone? Find it in seconds with the iHere device. Simply attach iHere to the item that you wish to track and find it with the free iHere app. No more wasted time searching for your stuff. iHere can especially help you find your phone and car. Best yet, iHere is also a selfie remote. Just click on iHere to take a selfie or group photo any time and anywhere. No need to carry around a selfie stick.



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