Latest Gadgets: Misfit Ray, Samsung Gear VR and More

Samsung 4th Edition Gear VR Headset

If you have a thing for new technology, you will love these gadgets. They are the latest from the world of wearable tech that can surely add something extra to your everyday life. Take a look and judge for yourself. The Misfit Ray is truly one of a kind.

Nunulo – The First VR Device with Adjustable Lenses

The Nunulo VR solves the problem of motion sickness and eye strain that is common among the first generation of virtual reality headsets. The cardboard frame houses two precision-engineered lenses that users can adjust to accommodate their unique visual parameters. Even users who wear glasses can see images in clear focus without them. The Nunulo VR’s breakthrough is its “imbalanced” adjustable lenses. Users can move the lenses from side to side to fit the distance between their pupils, and then individually rotate the lenses to bring images into sharp focus. The result is a crystal-clear, immersive and fun VR experience. Nunulo VR supports all smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 6 inches. What will you watch first with this VR headset?

Marlin – The World’s First Swim Meter Designed to Talk to You

Do you always tend to forget how many laps you swam in the pool? Never quite know how far and how fast you swim in the sea? Find it hard to navigate in open water swim? Platysens Marlin is a Swim Meter designed to tell you a detailed analysis of your swim performance through voice feedback by using a bone conduction headset. Your pace is reported to you as you swim with no disruption to your swim stroke. In open water swims, your swim performance is captured with GPS. In the pool, motion sensors are used when there is no GPS reception. After your swim, you can connect Marlin to your phone with Bluetooth to review your data and update configurations.

Samsung 4th Edition Gear VR Headset

Enjoy otherworldly adventures more comfortably with the Samsung 4th Edition Gear VR Headset. Designed to be compatible with the latest smartphones from Samsung, including the Note 7, this newly engineered headset offers a wider field of view of 101 degrees and it also features improvements to enhance your comfort. The midnight blue exterior is complemented by the black interior while the straps have been lengthened and given more padding for added customization. New on the 4th Edition Gear VR Headset is a simple button that instantly brings you to the Oculus Home screen. Designed for the latest technology, the Gear VR Headset even features a USB-C charger yet includes an adapter for microUSB devices. Despite these added features and capabilities, this Gear VR Headset weighs 6 grams less than the previous model.

Misfit Ray Bracelet Activity Tracker

Hit all your fitness goals with a sense of fashion with the Misfit Ray bracelet activity tracker. Resembling fine jewelry more than a fitness device, this wearable retains all the features of Misfit products in a stylishly compact and minimalist bracelet. Attaching to a sleek flat rubber band is an aluminum tube – great for those who like to rock a watch as well as a fitness tracker. The tube has a small LED light for notifications and tracking. The light will blink after you tap the aluminum to show you your fitness data and how close you are to your goal. Using a variety of sensors, Ray accurately tracks your calories, steps, distance, and even your quality of sleep while uploading the data wirelessly to the Misfit app via Bluetooth.

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