Best Christmas Gifts Under $400

Circus Pendant Light by Innermost

Gifting your loved ones something special for Christmas is a big ask. You need to keep the budget under consideration. Here are some of the best Christmas gifts you can get under $400.

Circus Pendant Light by Innermost

Add some excitement to your entertaining with the Circus Pendant Light by Innermost. Based on the original Victorian circus tent style, these lights offer a fun yet classy ambience to your home or office. Available in three sizes each with unique shapes varying from conical to circular, the Circus Pendant Lights come in matte white and matte black. The interior is made of a luxuriously textured antique gold which reflects the light to produce a warming glow. Made entirely of aluminum, these lightweight lights can be hung from the ceiling with the 13.5-foot cable. The Circus Pendant Light by Innermost is the perfect way to spruce up your dining room table or to inject some warm atmosphere into your office.

Miracle-Gro Bounty Elite Nine Pod AeroGarden

Have fresh herbs every day right at home with the Miracle-Gro Bounty Elite Nine Pod AeroGarden. This compact unit has everything you need, including seeds, to grow up to nine different plants, herbs, or flowers. The Bounty Elite AeroGarden takes advantage of 45 watts of LED lighting and has a smooth stainless steel finish that would look great in any kitchen, porch, sunroom, or dining area. The kit includes nine gourmet herb seed packs and a cherry tomato kit. You can set up, add the seeds, add water, and watch them grow in just minutes. The versatile garden has an adjustable height so you can grow up to 24 inches. Get growing right at home with the Miracle-Gro Bounty Elite Nine Pod AeroGarden.

Hang-About – Chill Out Hanging Chair For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Add some extra fun to those relaxing weekends by spending your time on the Hang-About. It’s an amazing collection of hanging chairs which can be used both indoors and outdoors. These chairs come in two different sizes for your kids and yourself. There are two interesting color combinations available – Blue & Orange and Orange & Yellow. Be it for a relaxing afternoon nap or as a private space to read your favorite book, these hanging chairs can make your alone times more special and comfortable. Just hang them from the branch of a tree or somewhere indoors and enjoy the comfort of a hanging chair anywhere and everywhere. Comfort won’t seem stereotypical anymore if you have one of these in your collection.

Crosley C200 Turntable

Get back to basics and enjoy your music in the best medium with the Crosley C200 Turntable. Complete with a direct drive motor, adjustable counter weights, and a built in pre amp, this turntable is easily connected to your speaker in order to deliver vinyl as its finest. Forgoing the current trend of unnecessary accessories, the Crosley C200 packs in the latest technology into the required controls for premium audio. The platter fills nearly the entire top surface save for a convenient speed calibration control and pitch adjustment on the bottom right. The sturdy tone-arm is an S-shape and its anti-skate and counter-weight system allows it to glide seamlessly through each and every track. The Crosley C200 Turntable is exactly what you need and nothing more – the ideal way to listen to your vinyl.

Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones

Provided with noise isolation capacity. These Monster 24K Over-Ear Headphones are one of the best Christmas gifts that makes it easy for you to flow with your music without any disturbance on the go. It comes with Pure Monster Sound and DJ-style swiveling earcups which has been topped with ControlTalk Universal in-line audio controls. The coil cable with the set is tangle-free and includes a 3.5 mm connector. You’ll get the set with a carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. Get set to make your music times the most glorious moment of the day.

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