Earin, Samsung gear IconX Earbuds for Your Music Life

samsung-gear-iconxGone are those days when bulky headphones constituted your music life. Today’s music lovers like Earin or Samsung Gear IconX or things alike as their earbuds. This is because these earbuds are wireless and very much in line with what you expect a modern earbud to be like. They will bring you close to being a perfect music accessory for your on the go music life. What matters here is the design. These earbuds are so small that they won’t be seen most of the times. That’s what they are special. You can wear them wherever you go and take your music listening experience to a whole new level altogether.

Samsung Gear IconX

These earbuds are not just for your music life. They are designed in a way to accompany you on your active life. The earbuds are pretty elegant and unique in terms of design. They will also be able to track your heart rate, speed, distance and more. What really matters is that apart from being an activity tracker, these earbuds take your music listening experience to greater heights. The design is so compact and yet so powerful. You are going to love using these earphones wherever you go. They are sleek, powerful and so unique. Who wouldn’t want to wear a earphone that can not be seen but is super powerful at the same time.

Earin Earbuds

If you like smaller designs, you are going to love these Earin Earbuds. They are undoubtedly the smallest earbuds you can ever have. These will stick to your ears comfortably and take your music listening experience to new heights thereafter. They are designed for your on-the-go music life. By using them, you can get up to 10 hours of extended playtime. Perfect gift idea for those who love to listen to music whenever they are on the go.


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