Misfit Ray and Helix Cuff – Two Wearables for the Modern Fashionistas

helix-cuffLike wearables but can’t find ones that are fashionable? The Misfit Ray and Helix Cuff and two amazing examples you can definitely go for. These wearables are unique and one of a kind. What truly makes them stand out is the design. They are extremely fashionable and perfect for outdoor use. You can flaunt these wearables wherever you go. That’s why you must consider having them in your everyday life. With these wearables by your side, you can take your tech experience to a whole new level altogether. What really makes them wonderful and worth a try is the fashionable design. These wearables are not just super functional; they are super useful too. If you truly want to add more style to your everyday life, go for them now.


Gone are those days when headphones were only supposed to be worn on your ears. Now is the age of going for something different and unique. The HELIX CUFF belongs to one such list of wearable tech you can use anywhere you go. This is a set of wearable headphones that will make you culture music in a whole new way. You are going to love using these headphones wherever you go. They can be worn on your hands and are pretty cool in terms of design and functionality. What really works is the innovative design. Wearable tech just got a whole lot smarter now. Don’t you think it’s time to switch to this form of wearables now?

Misfit Ray Activity Tracker

Tracking your fitness levels just got a whole lot easier now with Misfit Ray. This is a bracelet that hides a beautiful fitness tracker inside. With this wearable tech, you can now track your fitness levels in style. You can wear it easily just like any other bracelet and enjoy your activity tracking like a pro. For more details click here.


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