Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Home SecurityVery often, fiction precedes reality. You may remember watching a cartoon, or reading a book in the past that was set in the future. Now you may see the things that were described in that book or cartoon in your home as more and more smart home gadgets launch in the market. Now you can cook your meals, turn the lights on and off, and do so many other things in your home without actually having to be there. It’s time to bring the future to our homes as you go through a few of the smart home gadgets we have found for you.

Digital Shower Interface

Have the power to control every single aspect of your shower with one touch. KOHLER’s showering system allows you to manage the water, steam, lightning, and music while you shower. With so many different possible combinations that you may enjoy you’ll be glad to know that the digital shower interface allows you to save six different user-definable presets for the combinations you love the most.

Smart Home Security

Have all your home security at the control of Cocoon Home Security System. There is no need for professional installation with this easy to use and phone controlled gadget. Cocoon’s Home Security System learns from your home’s sounds to understand the rhythm of thing that happen and therefore avoid false alarms. Talk about smart.

Twist Mount

The Canary security system not only records all activity but is also a siren and air monitor. Now you can place it anywhere you can think of with the Canary Flex Twist Mount. You can hang it or place it around any home feature with its twist feature. Upgrade you home now with this one of the many smart home gadgets that we have found for you to bring the future into your home. For more information, click this link.


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