Smart Headphones


What’s better than a good pair of headphones? Smart headphones. What’s better than a good pair of smart laser headphones? That is right, Glow headphones allow you to not only listen to music but to literally light up the room with its laser technology. Glow uses a special light diffusing fiber that will allow it to conduct a radiant laser light that will look amazing. Glow will deliver a high quality sound and will deliver great treble and bass. Glow headphones laser lights pulsate to the rhythm of your favorite music. You can also create preset glow patterns that you will later be able to choose from. Now that we think about it, this feature could even turn into a party game. Guess which song I’m listening to. You can also use Glow’s IOS or Android App to control the laser intensity.

Glow smart headphones, feature a controller that allow you to respond to both texts and calls. Glow’s controller also allows you to snap pictures and use voice commands as well. Glow light headphones also come with their own battery that you can charge via a Micro-USB. Glow smart headphones also include a built in microphone to support voice commands and allow you to take calls as well. Glow laser headphones will shine at its lowest setting for approximately 8 hours and approximately 2 hours on a full brightness setting. What happens if you are outside and your Glow’s battery runs out? No need to worry, you can still continue to use your Glow headphones as normal headphones without their light. These light headphones come in both red and blue. Order a pair of Glow’s smart headphones today and shine anywhere you go. You will be able to dance to the beat of your music and cause others to wonder what tune you are listening to as well.


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