Emoji Pillows

Emoji PillowsAre you happy? Or are you angry? Are you golfing? Or are you just idling? With advancing technology, it has become easier to express one’s feelings, what they are doing or where they are going using simple pictures of faces, objects and symbols instead of words on your phone. What if these cute smiley faces can be transformed and brought into real life? Actually, they can, into Emoji pillows. These can be used in place of your normal pillows in the living room, bedroom or at your favourite chilling spot.

Examples of Emoji pillows

With over seven hundred emoji characters, some of them have been duped to form pillows. For instance;

  • Emoji yellow round heart eyes pillow
  • Brown emoji poop drool plush pillow
  • Purple devil emoji pillow
  • Shelfies ghost emoji pillow
  • Monkey emoji pillows and many more

How to make emoji pillows

It’s incredible how people are creative, and so can you. Making these pillows is very easy, by following the instructions below;

  1. Get the following materials; yellow and brown fleece, pillow stuffing, foam, fabric glue, scissors, dark coloured sketch pens, circular objects and a sewing kit.
  2. Trace and cut out two circles of your desired size from the yellow fleece. Place them on top of each other with the softer side facing each other.
  3. Stitch them together, half a centimetre from the boundary, leaving a small space.
  4. Turn the cover inside out and stuff it. Close up the remaining space.
  5. Depending on the emoji you want to depict, cut out the fabrics accordingly to reflect the detail. For instance if it is smiley face with heart eyes, cut out the red fabrics in the shape of a heart, and the black one for the mouth. Stick them using glue and there you have a do-it-yourself emoji pillow.

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