Changing Lives through Crowdfunding

Crypted Logic Puzzle BoxCrowdfunding is basically a campaign, mainly done through the internet, which donates a small amount of capital from a larger investment to fund other kick-starters. Examples of such capital-investor projects include the following;

  • Leef Minimalist Wallet

Apart from the fact that it is less bulky, it is also water proof and woollen. The wool is makes it wrinkle and wear resistant, flame retardant and moisture resistant too. The interior and the exterior are made of RFID- blocking card slots to protect against digital theft. The exterior has an ID slot for easy reach. The flap which is held using an elastic strap secures and keeps the contents inside. The interior has card slots section and the cash section just behind it which has a seven colour lining. This section also has embroidery which matches the elastic strap used to hold your cash flat. The keykuff holds your keys in one position to limit chiming while walking.

  • Crypted Logic Puzzle Box

A single puzzle box consists of nine puzzles which include; Burr puzzle, Klotski puzzle, Cryptogram, Jigsaw riddle among others and a hidden compartment where you can place a valuable object and only solving the puzzles will let you access whatever is inside. It is hexagonal with each face representing a puzzle. These puzzles are however linked such that solving one puzzle helps with the other, and can also be reset once you complete all of them.

  • Relevel Premium Stylish Boxer Briefs

They are comfortable, stylish and very affordable. Its flexibility is attributed by the materials used to design them, i.e. eco-friendly modal, combed cotton and elastane making it breathable with no limitation to walking, resistant to shrinking, piling and fading. The wide waistband prevents folding while the reinforced thighs prevent roll-up. The flat-lock stitching is very soft reinforcing comfort ability while the inner thighs are non-chafing to wick away moisture. Every guy should get at least one of this crowdfunding comfort.


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