iPhone 6 plus decal stickers- lovely customizable options for your iPhone device

iPhone 6 plus decal stickersThere are lots of ways to customize your iPhone 6, however nothing looks more stunning and stylish like the iPhone 6 plus decal stickers. The decal stickers are the Simpson’s stylish stickers that make your Apple device rock like never before. The super-stylish sticker works by creating an illusion of the Simpson Homer, munching on the apple logon behind your iPhone device. Please keep in mind that these iPhone 6 decal stickers can be removed from the back of your iPhone without leaving any sticky residue behind, hence the smartphone remains as clean as it was.

The uniqueness of the iPhone 6 plus decal stickers

The new iPhone 6 plus decal stickers come with some excellent quality printing, plus  thin scratch-proof base that ensures that the stickers remain durable on the surface of the back of your iPhone, hence the stickers are good for those who want something temporarily or permanent  on their gadgets.  The stickers were specifically designed for those who enjoy the Simpson show, and they want to keep their iPhone 6 gadget with them always.

The perfect way to show the whole wide world, your love for the Simpsons is to get one of the fascinating iPhone 6 decal stickers. The stickers are available in virtually all the Simpson’s characters, hence you wouldn’t be left out. If you have a friend or distant family member who enjoy the Simpsons’ show, you may want to add some of these stickers to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus device package before sending the gift to them. Applying these stickers is very easy and straightforward, simply peel off the back and then paste the top on the back of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, and you are done.

You can get more information on these wonderful stickers by clicking the following link; https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/homer-iphone-6-6-plus-decal-sticker/.


A cool wallet for all your valuable items

Cool walletThere are diverse forms of wallets these days, however, it can be surprising that most of them are not designed to last. A cool wallet is more than a house for protecting your money, it must be versatile and multi-functional in nature. With this wallet, you can store your cash alongside your credit and debit cards plus your identity cards perfectly without any fear of breaking them or losing them, even when you are exercising or in a rush to handle your daily affairs.

Types of cool wallet designs you can find

There are a wide range of durable and versatile leather wallets you can find today, these include;

  • The Perforated leather wallet,
  • The leather iPhone 7 wallet case,
  • The Long weather wallet,
  • The slim everyday carry wallet,
  • The RFID-Blocking wallet,
  • The Stash Connoisseur iPhone wallet,
  • The Compact Bi-fold wallet,
  • The Clamshell leather wallet,
  • The Passport travel wallet, and
  • Minimalist card holder and wallet.

The multi-functional nature of a cool wallet

From the lists of wallets in the paragraph above, one can conclude that leather wallets can be made to be multi-functional in nature. The Passport travel wallet for instance, is designed to help international travelers remain organized wherever they go, without the fear of losing their wallets, even when they are in the midst of a hectic travel situation. The minimalist card holder and wallet is specifically designed to help protect your wallet items such as credit cards and cash and at the same time serve as a key holder for your house and car keys- this will ensure that you stay close to all your valuable items always.

A cool wallet might be your saver when camping outdoors, it is durable and perfectly fits into your pocket. To learn more about these wallets, you can click on the given link.

Best anniversary gifts

Love is Love Ring

It is a common occurrence to either get sloppy or confused when it comes to anniversary gift ideas. We got some cool ideas for you.

  • Quartz Luxury Men’s Watch

It is simple but stylish, modern and classic. The leather straps bring out the elegance in him. With two colours to select from, black or white, this sophisticated watch will complement any look, be it casual or official.

  • Carbon Fiber Money Clip

This will be very helpful to those men who hate wallets and the women who don’t have a small purse inside that big handbag. This will keep your money neat and organized while inside your pocket or handbag and at the same time keeping it small. It can also be used to hold credit cards.

  • Fitbit Blaze

The main aim for inventing this amazing gadget is to keep track of your fitness such as the heart rate, number of steps, how far you have run rather than calls, texts and meeting reminders which are available but on the sideline. It is a modular smart watch with a colour screen and still a touch screen. They can be fitted into metal, rubber or leather body and strap.

  • Jurni

This sit-on carry –on suitcase consist of a pop-out pod, a seat to rest on, in-line wheels to glide along and a storage area for your stuff. The storage is made of hard plastic shell for durability and has cabinets with adjustable diving shelves for flexibility. Getting this anniversary gifts for someone who is always travelling is a definite 100% hit on target.

  • Love is Love Ring

Express your love for her in the simplest but strongest way possible, the love is love ring. It is just a band but with a heart shaped part missing or cut out. They come in sterling silver, black rhodium and Pave diamond and in all sizes.

  • You don’t have to go round the world, just look close by and you will have great anniversary gift ideas for any anniversary.

Emoji Pillows

Emoji PillowsAre you happy? Or are you angry? Are you golfing? Or are you just idling? With advancing technology, it has become easier to express one’s feelings, what they are doing or where they are going using simple pictures of faces, objects and symbols instead of words on your phone. What if these cute smiley faces can be transformed and brought into real life? Actually, they can, into Emoji pillows. These can be used in place of your normal pillows in the living room, bedroom or at your favourite chilling spot.

Examples of Emoji pillows

With over seven hundred emoji characters, some of them have been duped to form pillows. For instance;

  • Emoji yellow round heart eyes pillow
  • Brown emoji poop drool plush pillow
  • Purple devil emoji pillow
  • Shelfies ghost emoji pillow
  • Monkey emoji pillows and many more

How to make emoji pillows

It’s incredible how people are creative, and so can you. Making these pillows is very easy, by following the instructions below;

  1. Get the following materials; yellow and brown fleece, pillow stuffing, foam, fabric glue, scissors, dark coloured sketch pens, circular objects and a sewing kit.
  2. Trace and cut out two circles of your desired size from the yellow fleece. Place them on top of each other with the softer side facing each other.
  3. Stitch them together, half a centimetre from the boundary, leaving a small space.
  4. Turn the cover inside out and stuff it. Close up the remaining space.
  5. Depending on the emoji you want to depict, cut out the fabrics accordingly to reflect the detail. For instance if it is smiley face with heart eyes, cut out the red fabrics in the shape of a heart, and the black one for the mouth. Stick them using glue and there you have a do-it-yourself emoji pillow.

Some of the convincing bike accessories

Bike AccessoriesA dedicated cyclist should always focus on finding information related to newest set of addition in bike accessories because they can improve your entire bike riding experience to a great extent. Manufactures these days are extremely smart and continue to introduce a variety of new and exciting gadgets. You can always explore the newer inventions for finding more about items that have the potential of enhancing your riding experience to a great extent. For getting a better understanding of the concept that what bikes can actually let’s put a look at some of the cool accessories that have been designed for modern day users.

  • Lights without any doubt are extremely important especially for riders who travel during night. Auxiliary lightening has its own drawbacks, but you can give your bike great treatment in the form of built in posterior and front lights. These lights are not that much obstructive and there are minimal chances related to damage associated with them as well.
  • The computer controlled suspensions can also serve as great additions to your bike in all cases. They will minimize your chances of coming across bumps. There will the presence of an integrated accelerometer and it will be good enough for the purpose of detecting and making adjustments against jars and jolts.
  • We all love to have extra power and one of the best bike accessories is hand crank as it gives more power. It provides a power boost, which is something we all wish to have.
  • When you are on a bike using smartphone for navigation can be difficult. However, you can take good benefit from GPS mounted on handlebar. With the help of simple display you will find it much easier to track progress and find the destination. It is a best gadget for cyclist especially in modern tough requirements. Learn more here.

Special anniversary gifts

JewelryWhen you are out searching for finding the special anniversary gifts to please your better half, then it is obvious that you will want something special and different. This is the best chance to show your partner the love and care which you have for your significant other in your heart. Keep in mind that anniversary is the moment of celebration which highlights joy, love, sacrifice and trust. However, finding the perfect gift can also become confusing because there are so many options. If you are also passing through such confusion, then below we will highlight some ideas that will help in selecting the best gift for your partner.


The simple yet, most effective gift can be none other than flowers. It is the best way of showing your love and everyone will smile after getting such a gift. If you want to do more, then accompany flowers with a box of chocolate this will be an amazing combination.


It is one of the best anniversary gifts especially for ladies as they prefer something valuable all the time. However, one should be careful at the time of making the selection because the design and nature of gift should show comparability with the requirements of event. Don’t go with something extravagant because simplicity is the best policy.


They are unique and loveable also the best part is that people use mugs on daily basis. This is a simple way of presenting your appreciation, but it defiantly leaves a lasting influence all the time so it is better to give this idea a try in all cases.

Some cautions

There are a variety of online sources from where you can order gifts online, but be careful not all of the deliver what they promise. For more information, click this link.

Some really cool accessories for Apple Watch

Stand for Apple WatchWhen taken out of the box the Apple Watch looks very good and provides an amazing feeling, but this in no sense means that you can’t explore the watch any further. It is loaded with a list of features that are not less than amazing so in this section we will discuss in front of you some really cool best apple watch accessories that will not only enhance the functioning capacity of your watch, but will also make your device more attractive.

Stand for Apple Watch

If you are interested in having a handsome stand for Apple Watch, then it’s really a great idea. With this accessory by your side you can clip the charging cable within and the screen of Apple watch will act more like computer displays.


When you are travelling there are two priorities related to Apple Watch. One is to keep it safe and the other is to ensure that it is adequately charged all the time. Both of these functions can be efficiently handled by a watchkeeper. This accessory is very much similar to that of a carrying case made up of leather that has a unibody core made up of steel.

Magnetic Charging Cable

It is a great aid especially when your watch runs out of charging unexpectedly. The length of charging cable is only 1 meter so means you can take it almost everywhere.


If you are interested in fitting every component of your device, then timeporter is the best thing which you should have. The case is good enough for holding not only your Apple Watch, but also charging cable along with power adapter and additional watchband. Isn’t this really cool?

These were some of the latest apple watch accessories. If you want to get your hands on more, then visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/category/apple-watch-accessories/.