Waterproof gadgets that will make your Summer time more Adventurous

The waterproof gadgets will secure you to use it for a long time. At Gadget Flow you will find the best quality of waterproof gadgets. Take a look of the latest gadgets that will make enjoy in water space.

  • Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker

Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker

This sound framework is streamlined to fit into your way of life. The Braven Stryde 360 packs unstable sound from all blessed messengers. The 360 is a convenient waterproof speaker that can be effectively stuffed and gone up against the go wherever your trek may take you. What’s more, the speaker is likewise down to earth for your voyages. The Stryde 360 is likewise entire with voice summon control so your music and calls are for the most part only a word away.

  • Scuba Urban Neoprene Backpack

The Scuba Urban Backpack has a huge primary compartment for your huge things and in addition a multi-take coordinator in the front. With three compartments altogether, there’s space for everything. It’s the ideal sack for the shoreline, the exercise center, and any drive. Fitting portable PCs up to 15 inches, the Scuba Urban Backpack comes in four distinct hues. On account of its advanced and versatile plan, this piece can keep pace with your way of life in a hurry: you can convey it like a tote by the cushioned top snatch handles, or modify the shoulder straps on the back board and go sans hands

  • Garmin VIRB 360 Waterproof Camera

The VIRB 360 elements worked in sensors to likewise give your recording G-Metrix overlays and also 360-degree enlarged reality. You can pick between various recording modes, for example, time slip by, manual and the sky is the limit from there. In case you’re searching for higher determination, you can record video in unstitched 5.7K determination at 30fps. At long last, the VIRB 360 works consistently with the friend application and desktop programming. For more information about waterproof gadgets, visit here.

Finding a luxury product for your Home as accessories

A luxury products accessories are a gem in your eyes. Designing and putting some accessories in your house will makes it more elegant. Without any effort in finding those product, you may instantly look some of a luxury products accessories for your home that suite with your taste.

Branca Shell Lounge Chair

Branca Shell Lounge Chair

This shocking seat highlights ace craftsmanship alongside extravagant materials. With birch plywood, the casing of this seat looks simply like a shell you find on the shoreline. You have your decision of different texture choices from the Solid line of Sunbrella. This texture is famously tough and hard-wearing to confront any wear and tear. Perfect for any room in your home, basically taking a seat will whisk you away to the coastline.

Ibis Volcanic Basalt Hanging Basket Chair

Ibis Volcanic Basalt Hanging Basket Chair

Ideal for almost any space, the Ibis Chair has zero impressions as it is suspend from the roof. The every single normal material consolidated with the bulbous shape deliver an unwinding domain for anybody. Place it toward the edge of a room or keep it up front as an idea. It’s high quality from volcanic basalt fiber and common sap which is EXTREMELY tough and can withstand any climate. Lovely outline makes it fit in any condo or house.

Lujo Living Free-Standing Double Hammock With Stand

Lujo Living Free-Standing Double Hammock With Stand

Designed with enough space for two, this loft is made out of Sunbrella Marine texture that is Scotch guarded and water repellent to hold its toughness and shading for a considerable length of time to come. The Lujo Living Double Hammock stand and bans are produced using ultra tough hardwood and have been expertly treated for outside utilize. Ideal for any patio, this is the ideal loft for a snuggle in the sun or under the stars.

For more information about luxury products accessories, click this link.

Latest iPhone Accessories to use

iPhone Flip Wallet CaseDesigned in varied sizes, colours and materials, these iPhone accessories are mainly to protect you from harmful radiation. They encompass shielding technology, certified lab tested; capable of blocking three types of radiation almost completely; ELF, RF and thermal radiation. It is also a wallet with three card slots on the left side. It securely encloses the phone, adding no extra weight as it is lightweight.

iClever Lightweight Bluetooth Headphones

This accessory makes it easy to combine music and movement such as walking, running, exercising, riding, hiking, skating, all those and many other activities that keeps the body occupied physically. They are sweat and water resistant and totally wireless, connecting the ear buds with a single cable. The cable has a built in microphone that can allow you to make and receive calls with no interruptions to the music afterwards. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours, nonstop.

Anker PowerCore Slim 5000 Portable Charger

It is not bulky, in fact it is very thin and sleek, easy to slide in your pocket, bag or just carry it in the hand, just enough to get you through the day. This power bank comes with a multipurpose USB cable, a silicon shield to prevent it from scratches, a travel pouch, a welcome guide and an 18- month warranty.

iPhone Flip Wallet Case

This is more like a wallet that can not only accommodate your cash and cards, but also your phone. It has a retro-flip cover design, with the wallet and iPhone slots separated uniquely. It protects your phone, acts as your wallet and at the same time minimizes pocket bulk.

SNAP! 7 iPhone Camera Case

This casing covers all edges, corners and sides of your iPhone 7 and at the same time has a grip to simulate the real camera. It is compatible with a wide range of lenses including wide angle, fisheye, macro, and telephoto among others. The case snaps into place automatically with change in style and composition making photography a natural even when using your phone. This iPhone accessory comes in two selective colours; black or white. For more information about iPhone accessories, click this link.

Changing Lives through Crowdfunding

Crypted Logic Puzzle BoxCrowdfunding is basically a campaign, mainly done through the internet, which donates a small amount of capital from a larger investment to fund other kick-starters. Examples of such capital-investor projects include the following;

  • Leef Minimalist Wallet

Apart from the fact that it is less bulky, it is also water proof and woollen. The wool is makes it wrinkle and wear resistant, flame retardant and moisture resistant too. The interior and the exterior are made of RFID- blocking card slots to protect against digital theft. The exterior has an ID slot for easy reach. The flap which is held using an elastic strap secures and keeps the contents inside. The interior has card slots section and the cash section just behind it which has a seven colour lining. This section also has embroidery which matches the elastic strap used to hold your cash flat. The keykuff holds your keys in one position to limit chiming while walking.

  • Crypted Logic Puzzle Box

A single puzzle box consists of nine puzzles which include; Burr puzzle, Klotski puzzle, Cryptogram, Jigsaw riddle among others and a hidden compartment where you can place a valuable object and only solving the puzzles will let you access whatever is inside. It is hexagonal with each face representing a puzzle. These puzzles are however linked such that solving one puzzle helps with the other, and can also be reset once you complete all of them.

  • Relevel Premium Stylish Boxer Briefs

They are comfortable, stylish and very affordable. Its flexibility is attributed by the materials used to design them, i.e. eco-friendly modal, combed cotton and elastane making it breathable with no limitation to walking, resistant to shrinking, piling and fading. The wide waistband prevents folding while the reinforced thighs prevent roll-up. The flat-lock stitching is very soft reinforcing comfort ability while the inner thighs are non-chafing to wick away moisture. Every guy should get at least one of this crowdfunding comfort.

The features of an ideal convertible futon chair or bed

Futon chairAt one point in time, you will definitely need to have at least one futon chair in your home. This is a piece of furniture that converts from a simple comfortable chair to a bed, hence you can sit, play or even sleep on it while you are watching your favourite TV program or you are playing your favourite computer game. This chair or bed, will confine to the contour of your body, and ensure that you don’t move an inch while you are indulging in your favourite activities or you are sleeping.

What makes the futon chair so unique?

The main feature of this product is its multi-functional and convertible design. It is capable of spreading out into a semi-circular bed, especially when you are planning to take a nap, and if you plan on getting a full circular bed to enjoy your nap even longer you may want to get an extra chair and combine the two to form a full circular bed.

The chair is not only usable indoor, you can have it inside your patio, or in the balcony of your home and watch everything going on outside of the home. The chair is made up of strong quality fabric that can resist dust and other forms of dirt, hence you don’t have to clean it always. The inner material make it so soft and comfortable for everyone. The chair can comfortable hold lean and overweight people, likewise, your pets and kids can play comfortably on top.

The chair is designed to allow you stretch or widen the angle between your legs while you are reading or indulging in any activity. The futon chair is affordable and it comes in predominantly black colour and you can find it on the following link, for more information; https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/fresh-futon-nido-convertible-futon-chairbed/.

iPhone 6 plus decal stickers- lovely customizable options for your iPhone device

iPhone 6 plus decal stickersThere are lots of ways to customize your iPhone 6, however nothing looks more stunning and stylish like the iPhone 6 plus decal stickers. The decal stickers are the Simpson’s stylish stickers that make your Apple device rock like never before. The super-stylish sticker works by creating an illusion of the Simpson Homer, munching on the apple logon behind your iPhone device. Please keep in mind that these iPhone 6 decal stickers can be removed from the back of your iPhone without leaving any sticky residue behind, hence the smartphone remains as clean as it was.

The uniqueness of the iPhone 6 plus decal stickers

The new iPhone 6 plus decal stickers come with some excellent quality printing, plus  thin scratch-proof base that ensures that the stickers remain durable on the surface of the back of your iPhone, hence the stickers are good for those who want something temporarily or permanent  on their gadgets.  The stickers were specifically designed for those who enjoy the Simpson show, and they want to keep their iPhone 6 gadget with them always.

The perfect way to show the whole wide world, your love for the Simpsons is to get one of the fascinating iPhone 6 decal stickers. The stickers are available in virtually all the Simpson’s characters, hence you wouldn’t be left out. If you have a friend or distant family member who enjoy the Simpsons’ show, you may want to add some of these stickers to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus device package before sending the gift to them. Applying these stickers is very easy and straightforward, simply peel off the back and then paste the top on the back of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, and you are done.

You can get more information on these wonderful stickers by clicking the following link; https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/homer-iphone-6-6-plus-decal-sticker/.

A cool wallet for all your valuable items

Cool walletThere are diverse forms of wallets these days, however, it can be surprising that most of them are not designed to last. A cool wallet is more than a house for protecting your money, it must be versatile and multi-functional in nature. With this wallet, you can store your cash alongside your credit and debit cards plus your identity cards perfectly without any fear of breaking them or losing them, even when you are exercising or in a rush to handle your daily affairs.

Types of cool wallet designs you can find

There are a wide range of durable and versatile leather wallets you can find today, these include;

  • The Perforated leather wallet,
  • The leather iPhone 7 wallet case,
  • The Long weather wallet,
  • The slim everyday carry wallet,
  • The RFID-Blocking wallet,
  • The Stash Connoisseur iPhone wallet,
  • The Compact Bi-fold wallet,
  • The Clamshell leather wallet,
  • The Passport travel wallet, and
  • Minimalist card holder and wallet.

The multi-functional nature of a cool wallet

From the lists of wallets in the paragraph above, one can conclude that leather wallets can be made to be multi-functional in nature. The Passport travel wallet for instance, is designed to help international travelers remain organized wherever they go, without the fear of losing their wallets, even when they are in the midst of a hectic travel situation. The minimalist card holder and wallet is specifically designed to help protect your wallet items such as credit cards and cash and at the same time serve as a key holder for your house and car keys- this will ensure that you stay close to all your valuable items always.

A cool wallet might be your saver when camping outdoors, it is durable and perfectly fits into your pocket. To learn more about these wallets, you can click on the given link.